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Frederick is a city in Maryland that is about an hour away from Washington D.C. and Baltimore. It is known for its civil war history and is home to the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. Frederick residents refer to a road called Route 85 as the “Heroin Highway,” earning its name because the route is part of the path drug users take between Frederick and Baltimore to buy drugs. In 2017, 35 people in Frederick County died from a Heroin overdose, 17 died from prescription Opioids, and 49 died from Fentanyl. Deadly drugs, primarily Opioids, are taking lives each day. Each day that someone continues to use these drugs, they are continuing to put their life at risk of overdose and death. It can be very difficult to break free from the hold that drugs have, but attending treatment is the first step. Discover treatment options near Frederick, Maryland today.

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