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Fort Wayne is the second largest city in Indiana and is located in Allen County. The city was named after General Anthony Wayne, who established the fort in the 1800s. According to the Allen County Department of Health's 2018 Annual Report, there has been an increase in drug overdose deaths in Allen County in recent years. Drug overdose deaths increased 45% from 2016 to 2017, and there has been a 220% increase in deaths since 2008. The Allen County Department of Health's 2019 Annual Report examined the toxicology reports from drug overdose deaths in Allen County and found that the drugs most commonly found in people’s systems were over-the-counter Stimulants, at 86%, combined Opioids, at 74%, illicit drugs, at 42%, and alcohol, at 34%. Over-the-counter Stimulants include Caffeine and Nicotine, however, which are unlikely to be the cause of death — making Opioids the main perpetrator. Abusing Opioids can quickly lead to an overdose death, as these powerful drugs sometimes have unpredictable reactions. There are drug rehabilitation centers located near Fort Wayne, Indiana, that may fit the needs of those who are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. Find out more on the treatment centers near Fort Wayne, Indiana, today.

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