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When compared to cities that struggled the most with Opioids, a place like Eugene may not seem to have similar issues, but the Opioid epidemic has been national and nowhere is untouched. Eugene saw the most problems with the early thrust of prescription drugs into the country. Use of Heroin and Fentanyl didn’t see quite the same use rate as other places in the U.S., but people still struggled with them. A particular event found 13 overdoses in a single day in Eugene because of a bad batch of Heroin that made it into the city. Eugene law enforcement and emergency services urged citizens to avoid Heroin use from unfamiliar sources because it’s unclear whether or not the drugs have been mixed with Fentanyl or other substances that drastically increase likelihood of overdose. Opioids are often most dangerous when used in tandem with alcohol, which is Eugene’s and Oregon’s real substance problem. In the state, 56 out of every 100,000 men are dying due to alcohol consumption. The national average is 21 out of 100,000 deaths due to alcohol. Doubling an already high average is extremely problematic and emblematic of an issue in managing drinking habits. Binge drinking and chronic drinking are both problematic use patterns for alcohol that have been normalized in the U.S. today. Dealing with this problem on your own can be at best extremely challenging, and at worst, damaging for your health. Please reach out to a local treatment center for information and help in managing a substance dependence.

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