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Both the city of Cleveland and its home state struggle with drug use. In terms of legal substances, alcohol use has shot up from already high rates during the 2020 pandemic. Alcohol sales are up between 20% and 30% when compared to 2019 pre COVID. This kind of self-medication is a dangerous way to handle stressful events. It’s especially dangerous if the substance of choice is more potent. The Opioid epidemic is still raging throughout Ohio and many of its neighboring states. The introduction of Fentanyl in the mid 2010s was a huge accelerant for the epidemic for counties like Cleveland’s home Cuyahoga County. From 2016 onward, statistics of overdose deaths show Fentanyl involved in 100 to 150 more deaths each year than Heroin. While daunting, the overall rate of drug related deaths has started to go down in Cleveland, but researchers aren’t hopeful that the trend will continue. The increasing popularity of Cocaine and Methamphetamine in Cleveland have officials worried that as Opioid use starts to wane, these drugs will take their place. State and city law enforcement alike are trying to fight the high rates of drug trafficking taking place in and around Ohio. If you find yourself dependent on any substance, whether legal or illicit, please know you’re not alone. Nearby treatment centers can offer information and assistance.

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