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As the largest city in the state, Charlotte does a good job of demonstrating many of the statewide issues, while also presenting its own challenges and successes. While many cities throughout North Carolina have been crippled by the Opioid epidemic, Charlotte was the fastest growing during the early to middle part of the epidemic. DEA agents also take special interest in Charlotte, because Mexican cartels use the city as a primary shipping hub in order to distribute into the Northeast. This kind of throughway designation by cartels not only means drugs are passing through, but they are also distributing to people struggling with substance use disorders in the hub city itself. DEA specialists believe that there are millions of dollars’ worth of Meth traveling across the border, to Atlanta, and then to Charlotte where it’s processed for more granular deliveries. Law enforcement in the area makes busts and find hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of Meth. The cheap nature of the drug highlights the kind of volumes people are moving. Charlotte officers performed a drug bust in 2020 that turned up over $300,000 in Meth that was being moved by a group of 4 people intending to distribute. The money involved in these drugs can drive dealers to predatory behaviors, taking advantage of vulnerable people who may end up getting addicted to something like meth if they’re not careful. If you find yourself struggling with any kind of addiction, please reach out to a local treatment center for information.

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