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Buffalo has similar problems to other population centers in New York when it comes to substance use. Since it’s a large city, lots of drugs funnel through to sustain the people struggling with addiction. The surrounding areas are also affected as Buffalo serves as a jumping off point for traffickers to sell in nearby rural areas. City officials confirm this trend with data from law enforcement. Buffalo makes up for 44% of the overdose deaths in Erie County, while the rest occur in the rural and suburban communities surrounding the city. Fentanyl is a particularly troubling drug in Buffalo as it’s found in over 80% of the overdose cases in the county. Some dealers cut Fentanyl into other Opioids like Heroin, which inflates the danger of the situation immensely. At 100x stronger than morphine, Fentanyl can kill with extremely little material consumed. When mixing it into other drugs, the ratio needs to be carefully measured or you could send people to the hospital or worse. The problem is that since this is all illegal and unregulated, whatever the dealers and traffickers have available is what they push onto people buying. These kinds of tactics are seen all over the country because they work well and because people struggling with Opioid addiction are looking for the next hit that takes the edge off. Sometimes people feel that the more powerful the drug, the better. If you’re stuck in this substance use cycle, please reach out for  help at a treatment center.

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