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Albany is the capital of New York, and it suffers from similar drug issues as sister cities like Buffalo and New York City. While the type of problem is similar, the scale is slightly different in Albany. Opioids are the main concern of law enforcement and emergency responders in and around the city, which is in line with most of the North East and it’s struggle with the Opioid epidemic. Luckily the city hasn’t seen similar overdose rates as others, but in comparison to recent years 2020, has shown a disturbing growth. Overall, 2020 saw a 44% increase in overdose deaths over 2019 during similar periods, and officials in the area are blaming COVID-19. The act of quarantining can severely limit some of the prime mechanisms by which people struggling with substances can get help. • In person support groups are cancelled • Accountability by friends and family outside the home • Distance from triggers in the home All 3 of these are stunted by having to spend a lot of time indoors and alone, and that’s led to increased drug use and overdoses. Organizations in the Albany area looking to relieve some of this pressure are creating care packages to send to people who reach out in need of assistance. They contain test strips that can detect if a substance contains Fentanyl to try and cut down on the likelihood that someone’s Heroin or pills were mixed with Fentanyl without warning. Informational sheets and Naloxone inhalers are also included to give people the tools necessary to understand what they’re getting into and tools to help them get out of a dangerous situation if necessary. If you need help getting out of a similar situation, or you know someone who does, please reach out for help or information.

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