About Sunrise House Treatment Center

Individualized care is the number one priority at Sunrise House. We understand that, in order to guarantee an effective recovery, our programs need to address the specific needs of the client. On the large scale, we offer every type of treatment program: medical detox, inpatient residential, intensive outpatient, outpatient, and aftercare. Within each of these larger formats, we’ve gathered treatments and activities specific to LGBTQ, veterans, trauma, age, and more. This diversity allows us to connect fully with patients who need more than the traditional one-on-one therapy and group meetings. 

We want patients to be as comfortable in therapy and out of therapy as possible. So we also provide a number of amenities to ensure our clients are relaxed and therefore open and receptive to recovery. A professional culinary staff provides the meals for inpatient clients, we have a fitness center with yoga class and access to a basketball court and table tennis tables. These things aren’t strictly necessary for recovery, but allow clients to relax and approach the recovery treatment in a more holistic way. 

As a client continues recovery, we will ultimately have to send them back into the world. That’s where our skilled aftercare staff comes into the picture. They make sure that as a client approaches release, they are equipped to face the challenges outside of our facility. Certain situations can lead to relapse and knowing how to identify and avoid situations like that is invaluable to someone trying to make a full recovery. Luckily, we also provided a robust alumni network to support every client making it through our program. These people understand the hardships and pitfalls of recovery and have made themselves available to support those who need it.


  • Private detox rooms
  • Chef (can accommodate special diets)
  • Spiritual reflection
  • Table Tennis
  • 12-Step Walk/ Nature Trail
  • Gardening
  • On-site gym and fitness center
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Basketball
  • Outings/recreational events

Treatment specialists are waiting for your call

(877) 648-4288


Treatment specialists are waiting for your call.

(877) 648-4288