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About Riverwoods Behavioral Health System

Recovery is not a race. The client’s well being and ability to stay sober is more important than the speed that they complete a rehabilitation program, which is why at Riverwoods Behavioral Health, we focus on comprehensive, quality care. Quality not only means the efficacy of the programs, but the care with which they are provided for the client. We staff our facility with compassionate professionals who are sensitive to the needs of each individual client. They are not only passionate about improving the health of our clients, but improving their quality of life overall. Our programs treat the behavioral challenges associated with addiction alongside the mental health issues that run rampant in people who abuse substances. 

Our Riverdale, Georgia facility treats adolescent, adult, and older adult clients. We strive to create an atmosphere that facilitates healing and recovery for any client. Our treatment plans operate on different levels of intensity depending on the circumstances of the people coming in for help. We have space for clients who need inpatient treatment, committed staff to receive clients coming in for intensive outpatient treatment, and a dedicated follow up system for clients moving on to the aftercare level of treatment. Regardless of treatment level, our drive to provide high quality, consistent care makes Riverwoods Behavioral the best choice of rehabilitation facility in the greater Atlanta area.    

Riverwoods Behavioral Health System


  • Substance Abuse & Addiction
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Mood & Personality Disorders
  • Elderly Persons Mental Disorders


  • Residential Setting
  • Recreation Room

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