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About Right Path Addiction Treatment Centers

Quality addiction treatment requires a multifaceted approach that provides medication, behavioral therapy, and support to the client. Right Path Treatment Centers have the experience to facilitate a successful recovery for those struggling with addiction.

Our locations offer day-of appointments and we now accept Virginia Medicaid. Reaching out is the first and most vital step in the road to recovery. Any hurdle between someone and starting the healing process can dissuade them and stop their recovery before it even begins. Call today to start your journey toward recovery. 

The Right Path Approach

At Right Path, we’ve found that treating addiction like a disease is the most effective way to help heal a client. Medicine, support, and psychotherapy work in conjunction to create a holistic and well-rounded approach to treating clients and helping them return to their life with the skills to achieve their goals and resist relapsing. We strive to make our treatment as compassionate, convenient, and affordable as possible for those in need of help. 

Right Path employs a staff of trained physicians who oversee the treatments that involve medicine. Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) refers to the use of medicine alongside other traditional approaches to addiction treatment. Our treatment includes medications like Buprenoprhine, Subxone, Vivitrol Injections, and Probuphine Implants. This approach is proven as an effective way to treat addiction and withdrawal within the care of trained professionals.  As an outpatient based program, we need to focus on methods that are proven to work and affordable for people in need of help with their mental health and substance abuse issues. 

Why Choose Medication?

Withdrawal is often the most problematic parts of recovery. It can create serious health risks and become so uncomfortable that it drives people back into using the substance they were trying to leave. The medications we use at Right Path help the body cope with withdrawal and give our clients a better shot at quitting their addiction. With the help of these medications, we can also allow our clients to keep focusing on the other parts of their life while their body returns to its normal state. Each individual in our care is unique and as such, we tailor their treatments (including medication) to their specific needs. A healthcare team is always available for questions and readjustment of treatment course if necessary. 

Finding care that is close and convenient is often difficult. Use our website to find the nearest Right Path Center near you. The first step of recovery is reaching out, then we can work together to give you back control of your life.


Right Path – Outer Banks, NC
 (252) 986-3100
Address: 106 W. Wood Hill Drive Nags Head, N.C. 27959 | Get Directions

Right Path – Chesapeake, VA
 (757) 614-1524
Address: 516 Innovation Drive, Suite 102, Chesapeake, VA, 23320 | Get Directions

Right Path – Virginia Beach, VA
 (757) 321-0795
Address: 101 N. Lynnhaven Rd. Suite 100, Virginia Beach, VA. 23452 | Get Directions

Right Path – Suffolk, VA
 (757) 942-4442
Address: 2401 Godwin Blvd, Suffolk, VA. 23434 | Get Directions

Right Path – Newport News, VA
 (757) 913-5920
Address: 11745 Jefferson Ave. Unit #7 Newport News, VA. 23606| Get Directions

Right Path – Eastern Shore, VA
 (757) 266-4090
Address: 25064 Lankford Hwy, Onley, VA 23418 | Get Directions

Right Path – Richmond, VA
 (804) 292-2402
Address: Brandermill Professional Center, 5001 W. Village Green Dr. Suite #209 Midlothian, VA 23112 | Get Directions

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