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5419 South Congress Ave Austin, TX 78745

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About Recovery Unplugged Austin Treatment Center

In the heart of Austin’s legendary music scene is the home of Texas alt-rock and Recovery Unplugged’s Austin Treatment Center. While music, art, and culture are blending in the background, music is mending lives inside the most successful drug treatment available. 

When you enter our facility, you’ll be captivated by our one-of-a-kind performance stage. You can lounge on the couches while catching a show by artists in recovery. 

During creativity hour, the mic is open for you to express yourself through music, poetry, or art. If it moves you, we want you to share it with us and with others. 

Our group therapy rooms invite you to begin the process of healing with essential oils and ambient lighting. Meet one-on-one for counseling with your therapist to get the individualized care you need. 

In the afternoon you’ll be transported to our luxurious, updated residences where you can kick back and relax in your room. Every Friday afternoon, everyone gathers for our famous Feel Good Fridays to share the music and the healing. 

Coming to our Austin Treatment Center brings you closer to your passions while creating a safe space for you to get clean. If you give it a shot, this is a program that can work for you. 

When you’re ready to rock, our treatment center is the place to get sober. We’ll see you in recovery.

Recovery Unplugged Austin Treatment Center


  • Structured environment with encouragement for independent living via preparing your own breakfast and dinner and grocery shopping
  • Feel Good Fridays every Friday


  • Transportation to center from sober home
  • Option to record music
  • Chef inspired lunches
  • Weekly sober outings
  • Clients go to the gym three times a week
  • Cable TVs in sober houses

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