About Granite Recovery Centers

Granite Recovery Centers has worked to improve the lives of its clients for over 10 years now. We implement a unique and comprehensive 12-step program alongside evidence-based psychological therapies to help treat every mental aspect of addiction. As clients move through treatment they will have access to the full spectrum of our treatment options: medical detoxes, extended care, and outpatient counseling. You can take our word on our success, or ask the growing number of alumni who can give your first hand descriptions of how effective our program is.  

Addiction stems from mental health issues in about half of all cases of chronic substance abuse. Emotional or physical trauma and psychological disorders can all lead to addiction, which means that when receiving clients for rehabilitation, we need to not only treat addiction, but also the underlying disorders which may have caused it. We provide clinical treatment for all clients who need it throughout both our inpatient and outpatient programs. 

Insurance providers have taken notice of the effectiveness of our program and many large providers have joined and accepted our program. Green Mountain Treatment and New Freedom Academy are two of our most successful facilities, which are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (C.A.R.F.). Altogether, we have 12 facilities throughout New Hampshire. Each one of our locations forms its own family between clients, clinicians, and administrators, which extends out to create a tribe of people pushing for healthy change among our 12 clinics. A large part of our success has to do with the breadth of treatment we offer in order to address the equally diverse causes of addiction. 

We focus on including evidence-based treatment options in our programs because of their verifiably effective nature. Each different program affects different parts of our clients’ mental and physical health. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps restructure the ways our clients think by teaching them to identify and dismiss harmful thoughts and negative self-talk. We also offer more specialized treatment options like: Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Trauma Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Grief & Loss Therapy. Each program is administered by one of our many caring professional clinicians. We fold these specific therapies into our overall 12-step program to create a comprehensive structure of recovery for our clients.

Complete Continuum of Care

Granite Recovery Centers operates 12 facilities throughout New Hampshire, each playing its own specialized role in our full end-to-end continuum of addiction care including:

  • Green Mountain Treatment Center, Effingham, NH
  • Residential Inpatient Treatment and Medical Detox
  • New Freedom Academy, Canterbury, NH
  • Residential Inpatient Treatment and Medical Detox
  • The Granite House, Derry, NH
  • Men’s Extended Care with off-site Outpatient Component
  • Granite House for Women, Concord, NH
  • Women’s Extended Care with off-site Outpatient Component
  • Harmony House, Effingham, NH
  • Women’s Extended Care with off-site Outpatient Component
  • Freedom House, Ossippee, NH
  • Men’s Extended Care with off-site Outpatient Component
  • Queen City Sober Living, Manchester, NH
  • Men’s Structured Sober Living with Optional off-site Outpatient Component
  • Vision House Sober Living, Manchester, NH
  • Women’s Structured Sober Living with Optional off-site Outpatient Component
  • 4-D Recovery Center, Salem, NH
  • Intensive Outpatient Program

Our residential program at Green Mountain Treatment Center is in-network with most major insurance.


  • On-Site Gym and Fitness Center (at Green Mountain Treatment Center)
  • Yoga Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Chef-prepared Meals
  • Diet
  • nutritional and wellness coaching
  • Outdoor Therapy
  • Big Book meetings and other special programs in Salem
  • Family Recovery Workshops

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