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About Ambrosia Treatment Center – Westcoast

Ambrosia Treatment Center maintains five Joint Commission-accredited treatment facilities located in New Jersey, Florida, and California ready to aid individuals in their recovery. Having helped more than 10,000 people reclaim their lives from alcohol and drug addiction, Ambrosia Treatment Center combines leading-edge addiction treatment with concierge clinical care.

We have a reputation for quality care and world-class amenities with the highest standards; fewer than 10% of rehab centers offer Joint Commission-accredited healthcare. Our affordable, innovative, and individualized treatment options refocus the mind, body, and spirit. Recover in confidence with the nation’s best addiction therapists, physicians, and recovery specialists — often completely covered by your insurance. Your network of support receives ongoing education and personal feedback on how to support you without enabling and communicate without triggering — including calls, texts, emails, and in-person meetings.

Our free recovery helpline is available to provide answers, support, and create an individualized recovery plan that fits your specific needs — even if it’s not with us.


About the Founder

Jerry Haffey cared for the sick and suffering as a registered nurse for decades in his hometown of Philadelphia. When increasing numbers of young patients arrived at the hospital struggling — and too often losing — their battle with drugs and alcohol, Jerry knew he had to do something. In 2007, driven by a desire to make a difference in the addiction crisis, he relocated his family to Florida and opened a small business in Port St. Lucie. A decade later, Ambrosia has become an industry leader thanks to Jerry’s work with the nation’s best clinical and medical recovery professionals.

Ambrosia Treatment Center – Westcoast

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